Security - Ramon Chozas

Data Protection

Our independent IT datacenters for exclusive customer use have redundant servers and mirrored disks that allow data to be securely stored 365 days a year.
All our IT communication protocols are protected with security systems that ensure the strictest confidentiality in information and database management.

Seguridad - Ramon Chozas

Securities Division

The Securities Division has an armored vault to secure and store printed documents, which has been certified by the Banking Security Division of the Argentine Federal Police. Access to this sector is restricted and monitored. It is monitored 24/7 through a CCTV system that maintains recordings 365 days a year, and is also equipped with fire detectors and alarms that are connected with the Federal Police and Firefighter Departments. All of our facilities are audited on a regular basis by the top auditors and experts of the country’s leading banking institutions.