In August 2009 Ramón Chozas S.A. celebrated 100 years of uninterrupted work. This is a major achievement that evidences steady work and an undisputed ability to adjust to new market realities. A comprehensive view that taps into the infinite possibilities of the business, while the paper category continues to undergo a profound transformation.

  • Opening of stationery store "Escuela Rivadavia by Ramón Chozas"
  • Acquisition of a cardboard box production facility located on 1666 Venezuela St., which is regarded as the kick off of the industry
  • The cardboard business and the box production facility are dissolved and the owners position themselves as brokers in the sale of paper and cardboard
  • Start of a distribution business of stationery supplies and acquisition of a plant in Barracas. Launch of the warehouse and logistics modernization process for raw materials and finished products
  • Acquisition of a Disk and Pen printing Shop to print lined sheets of paper reams, accounting books and other sales books. An embossing machine and a flexographic printer are also acquired to design disposable napkins, which are marketed as a novelty for Argentina’s tables
  • Start of production of printed and numbered books with the acquisition of a rotary press, which completes the transformation of the industry from craft printing into the graphic industry
  • Creation of the Húsares brand. A standard line of products is developed and sold under the brand name "Húsares"
  • Acquisition of new rotary presses to produce on-demand and standard continuous forms. These products are manufactured in the plant located on Valle St. in the district of Caballito.
  • Construction of a production facility in the Province of San Luis for the production of standard order books and forms
  • Ramón Chozas Informática is founded to market computers and IT supplies
  • Import of stationery products, like copybooks, notebooks, crepe-paper and other supplies from Brazil, with licenses of brands such as Disney, Warner Bros, and others
  • Development of a security printing line, with checkbooks as the leading product. The checks are printed on paper with unique security features and security inks, and under strict security and quality control standards
  • A fully automated machine is acquired for the production of printed rolls for ATMs, toll booths, register machines, etc.
  • Acquisition of a paper ream and ream packing machine to make the production of “húsares” paper reams and on-demand ream printing more efficient
  • The Company ventures into the production of self-adhesive labels. A market that imposes new quality and control standards. This line is ISO 9001 certified

Today and tomorrow

As a company, Ramón Chozas demonstrated that it was able to project itself into the future with investments, technology transformations and business projects. All this seasoned with family care and pride and underpinned by the strength of its commitment and accountability.
The presence of Ramón Chozas’ descendants in the subsequent Boards of Directors shows their commitment to supporting the company. The company is a synonym for high added-value paper.