Graphic technology applied to increase efficiency and reduce costs.

The FÁCIL range is a set of unique solutions developed by Ramón Chozas to increase efficiency and to reduce process costs for enterprises.

The products in this range are specifically designed to meet the needs of every sector, thus reducing process cycle times, decreasing costs and inputs, minimizing data errors, making better use of human resources and improving internal and external communications.

Facil Card

Discover the most innovative solution to issue cards

A versatile system that allows customers to customize letters and cards all in one quick process and obtain eye-catching and durable cards without incurring in costly plastic cards.

Learn a new way of issuing your personal passwords

An innovative new system that uses Hydalam technology to facilitate a secure, swift and effective transmission of PINs (Personal Identification Number) and other confidential passwords by mail, thus maximizing the production times of your laser printer.

Now your postcards and mail pieces can be simpler, cheaper and more secure

FACIL Mail is the solution that helps transmit all confidential data and commercial communications in a fast, secure and inexpensive fashion. The high cost of envelopes and the time of folding and putting items in envelopes are history. Through specially designed machines and forms, and in just one simple step, Fácil Mail turns a simple sheet of paper into an enveloped document that is ready to be mailed.

Integrating labels into forms in an innovative manner

FACIL Label combines conventional forms and their labels into one to save input costs and to reduce operating times. Integrating labels into forms helps avoid data correlation errors since both items are printed in one single step. This way, all the processes are more efficient and streamlined.