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Printing of security and counterfeit-sensitive documents under the most stringent quality control standards.

Ramon Chozas Securities Division has a cutting-edge security system to print and process security documents.
It is equipped with the broadest range of printing systems, inks and papers that can be combined in one and the same production line. The entry of variable data is done through our dedicated computer center, under the strictest data protection standards. The documents that require certification are certified by the BCRA.

Types de documents Checks / Prescription pads / Deposit slips / Time deposit certificates / Coupons / Tickets / Credentials / Certificates / Securities

Security measures Graphic hologram / Optically variable inks / Water and alcohol fugitive inks / Invisible inks / Penetrating inks / Reagent inks / Anti-scratch plates / Guillote patterns and numismatic backgrounds / Variable numbering and data / Micro-printing / Security paper

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